Mentor Home Owners Insurance Agency Helping Clients When It Matters Most

Platinum Insurance (Insure with Platinum) is located in Mentor, Ohio. One of our goals is to create long-lasting relationships with our customers. We promote a variety of insurance products and services to each of our unique clients. 

Your home is an important investment and our goal at Platinum Insurance is to protect it. With our home insurance products, you can choose from many levels of coverage to best protect your assets and obtain this coverage at a price you can afford. We understand the importance and value of your home and for that reason, we want to help customize an affordable plan for you!

Of our many home coverage options, we will help customize a plan that best fits your needs and budget. Plans include coverage for Condo owners, Home Owners, Renters, Landlords, College students living in temporary housing, Lessees, Land Contract owners, and Modular, Mobile, and Trailer homes.

Things To Know About Home Insurance‏

‏Home insurance is an essential way to protect the assets in your home. It provides financial protection to both the house itself and your personal belongings. From structural damage to theft homeowners’ insurance can give you sound peace of mind.‏ ‏What home insurance covers depends on the type of coverage you select when you take out a policy. You can expect home insurance company to include dwelling insurance, personal property, other structures, and liability coverage.‏

  • ‏Dwelling Insurance 

Covers the property structure and the costs associated with rebuilding or repair.‏

  • Personal property 

Protect the goods within your homes such as beds, electrical goods, and more in case of theft, fire, or other covered risks.‏

  • Other structures

Buildings on your property but separate from your home such sheds, detached garages, or swimming pools.‏

  • ‏Liability coverage 

This covers you against legal expenses should someone injure themselves on your property.‏

There may be extra coverage options you will want to consider, but these will come at an additional cost. Those with personal items of significant value like jewelry or artwork, standard personal protection may not provide the coverage limits you need. You can cover your expensive goods by taking out extended coverage with your homeowner’s insurance.‏

When looking at home insurance quotes be sure to check that the quote covers everything you may need. The prices will vary between firms so it is important to shop around. All homeowners’ insurance policies will have a maximum limit the firm will pay towards covered losses.‏ By working out the value of your home and personal effects you can adjust your coverage to suit your needs. Should you need to make a claim, you may be required to pay a deductible before the claim comes into effect. Be sure to check the deductible details before securing your policy.