Mentor Business Insurance Agency Helping Protect Businesses With Insurance

The term business insurance refers to a form of insurance coverage that is applied to businesses instead of individuals or specific private-owned property. Business Insurance provides a level of protection from any fallout caused by lawsuits or widescale property damage.

There are numerous types of business insurances, these include Public Liability Insurance, Business Property Coverage, Business Interruption Insurance, Credit Risk Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, and Product Liability Insurance.

All businesses can benefit from business insurance but in particular small businesses are advised to make sure that they are covered by at least several forms of business insurance, this is because while a larger business could easily absorb most of the financial costs that could be incurred due to damage of the business’ property or injury on the company grounds, a smaller business might not be able to recover financially.

For businesses that use company-owned vehicles to visit clients, transport staff, and travel between company sites, business auto insurance are essential. This type of business insurance does not cover vehicles that are only used for commuting and much like personal vehicle insurance, it offers the business in question three levels of coverage.

Due to the growing number of companies that offer business insurance in the United States, it is more than possible to get competitive quotes dependent on the needs of the business being insured. With over 5,000 companies, prices may range from as little as $30 per month as offered by the company, Hiscox.

To simplify the process of finding the best small business insurance that fits the needs of the company and also offers the lowest costs, look no further than the insurance professionals at Platinum Insurance. 

For those companies who would rather a local touch, simply typing ‘business insurance near me’ into any search engine is sure to provide suitable results.