Insurance is offered using two approaches: 1) transactional or 2) consultative. Transactional is a lot like going through the drive-through and ordering a meal. The order is taken at the menu board, then you drive to the payment window and pay for your order, and finally you finish at the pickup window where you get your meal. Not a lot of effort or thought goes into this type of purchase. Transactional insurance purchases are a good fit for some consumers, but not everyone is comfortable with that type of protection.


Consultative approach delves deeper into the needs of a consumer. This approach affords the agent an opportunity to customize a plan to ensure proper protection of specific assets or coverage concerns.  This approach is really what I call the “Guided Discovery Tour”. As an agent, I get a chance to understand my customer’s concerns and needs based on information they have shared. With this information I am able to build / customize a comprehensive and affordable plan to fit those needs.


GREAT NEWS! Having an independent insurance agent, such as Joseph Denbow at Platinum Insurance, will take the “guesswork” out of the equation. As an expert in both approaches, I will make sure you are getting the appropriate coverage, regardless of how much or how little you need to insure. Often times I will use the transactional approach, other times I need to use the consultative approach, and sometimes I use a hybrid of both approaches—it all depends on my client and my client’s needs.


Here are a few additional advantages to having me as your independent insurance agent:

  • I offer multiple carriers as opposed to a single carrier’s coverage.
  • I am and will be your advocate and advisor.
  • I am your single point of contact.
  • I have a local office with which you, as the customer, may visit and meet with me.
  • I offer one-stop coverage. This is very helpful when it comes to having more than one policy with more than one carrier—all of your policies within my agency can be addressed with me or my staff. For example, if you have three cars, a motorcycle, a home and a commercial business, you can enjoy having all your products with one agency. 


To capitalize on these advantages and experience insurance like you deserve, please contact me at 833-299-2100.



Joseph Denbow, MBA

Platinum Insurance