Business insurance protects companies against a wide range of risks that could befall them. If you’re a business owner, you’re probably already aware of some of the most common risks: your business could be damaged by fire or natural disasters, or it could be sued by someone who is upset about the way you treat them or the way you do business. If a client sues you, a successful claim could cost you a lot of money.


Business Insurance Is Required By Law

Each state has its own insurance requirements for your business to be held accountable for claims. Some states require small businesses to carry business liability insurance, which protects your business if a client sues your company, and some states require an additional rider to your auto policy to cover damage or loss from liability. Business Insurance Is A Solid Investment Business insurance can be an expensive proposition. You don’t have to buy it all at once, but you do need to buy at least some basic insurance coverage for your business in case something happens. Getting insurance at a discount is an opportunity to save money. Platinum Insurance is a business insurance company that works several different providers to offer you the best price without all the shopping around.


Business Insurance Protects Your Employees

Another big concern for any business is the safety of its employees. If an employee is injured, the cost of medical treatment and potential legal fees can take a serious bite out of your business. Many states also have occupational health and safety laws, and these laws protect your employees. If your business is a victim of a crime or someone tries to take advantage of your employees, there are insurance policies to cover this. Business Insurance Helps Protect Your Business Business insurance is beneficial because it protects your business and its profits. If you’re a startup, you may have the money to start your business with, but there’s no way you can afford to pay for a major lawsuit or take the risk of being sued. As your business grows, you need to make sure you’re covered.


Business Insurance Protects Your Customers

If your company suffers a fire or natural disaster, you have a responsibility to your customers to replace their lost property and pay for their medical bills. If your company loses a client, you have a responsibility to your client to refund his/her deposit and make arrangements to pay for future services. Without insurance, both of these responsibilities could fall on your shoulders. Business Insurance Provides You With The Funds You Need While many small businesses choose to finance their insurance premiums, many businesses choose to get business insurance from a broker. Some business owners simply don’t have the funds available to pay for their premiums.


Business Insurance Builds Credibility

A company that is completely insured for risks will appear credible and capable, which could help build trust and brand loyalty. To avoid the bad press that comes from a claim you can’t pay for, you’ll have to appear as trustworthy as possible. When talking to customers and potential clients, people are much more likely to listen to what a company is saying when it has insurance. This will make them more likely to give your company their business. Business Insurance Adds Comfort In some ways, insurance can be more uncomfortable than it is convenient. However, you can always opt for the option that makes your life the least uncomfortable. For example, some companies opt for insurance that has self-insured loss-of-use.


Contracts May Require Business Insurance

If your company creates a contract with a client, then you may need to purchase insurance to cover their claim. For example, if your client suffers damaged or destroyed property as a result of your subcontractor’s negligence, you could be on the hook for that injury. More Than One Source Of Insurance If your business has several subcontractors and their employees that work for your company, then it’s likely that some of them are not as insured as you are. That could lead to you needing to cover the costs of their medical bills, workmen compensation, property damage, or other fees. Claims Will Take Time To Process Depending on the type of business insurance you buy, you may have to wait as long as six months before you receive a check for your claim.


Business Insurance Protects Against Natural Disasters

First and foremost, business insurance protects companies against natural disasters. Businesses and homes are often in harm’s way during natural disasters. You want to make sure that you’ve got protection in place to help you recover quickly after a disaster. Business Insurance Protects Against Fire and Fire Hazard’s Businesses and homes are often damaged or destroyed in a fire or fire. When a fire breaks out, your business could be destroyed. Fire damage is one of the most common reasons why businesses go under during natural disasters. Insurance helps make sure that your business is protected from this type of loss. Business Insurance Protects Against Illness or Injury As we’ve already discussed, sometimes accidents happen, and sometimes people get sick and can’t work.


Business Insurance Helps with Lawsuits

If you run a business, you will probably face lawsuits from time to time. For example, you could be sued for not responding to an invoice in a timely fashion. Another kind of lawsuit that your business could face is the allegation of discrimination or harassment. A workplace discrimination claim could cost you a lot of money, even if the incident never occurred. Business insurance is a great tool that can help you deal with such issues. If you have a good reputation in the business world, you can help protect your company by having business insurance. You don’t want to find yourself fighting against a claim of discrimination or harassment in the future, so it’s wise to have an insurance agent that handles business insurance.


Business Insurance Offers Peace of Mind

Business insurance helps protect against the possibility that your company’s assets could be confiscated in a legal dispute, and provides protection in the event of lawsuits, employee theft, employee mistreatment, health or safety incidents, and business interruption. Even if none of these risks occur, insurance helps to protect you from a potential legal dispute down the road, if you receive a business interruption claim. That’s because the cost of cleaning up the damages could be expensive enough to make you unable to continue to operate your company, and possibly even force you to close your doors. Your Business Isn’t Burdened by a Suit Having a company sued can be expensive, and you’ll need to hire lawyers to handle the case.


What type of insurance does a small business need?

A general insurance company will offer a range of insurance plans for any business, no matter how small or large. Each plan can cover a number of risks, such as fire and theft, but they also offer more specific insurance plans for risks that your business might face. For example, if your business sells products online, you may be able to insure it to protect your business against email phishing scams or viruses. Take the time to decide what you need, what types of risks you’re most likely to face, and what would be reasonable premiums for each of those risks. 2. You may be able to take advantage of some tax breaks Taxes can really put a crimp in your finances, especially when it comes to the taxes you pay to the government.


Why do businesses need business insurance?

Although the risk of your business suffering a disaster is a concern for many business owners, so are the risks of lawsuits from unhappy customers or other dissatisfied parties. Since almost all businesses are subject to some kind of liability risk, the cost of uninsured losses is low, so insurance premiums are generally quite affordable. But how much insurance does your business need? While there are different factors to consider, a good rule of thumb is to use a simple formula that calculates the cost of a 1 percent loss of your annual income to determine whether or not you need business insurance. Although this is a rough approximation, it’s worth thinking about in case you ever decide to leave your business to your children.