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Geauga County, Ohio

Located in the State of Ohio, Geauga County is home to a population of 94,201 individuals. The county was first established in 1806, gaining its name from the Iroquoian word for raccoon.

Geauga County sits on 400 square miles of land with a further 8.1 square miles allocated to various bodies of water including the famous Geauga Lake.

If a trip into nature is a visitor’s desire then one would need to look no further than the Punderson State Park, a 741-acre state park found in Newbury, Ohio. Equipped with not only vast untouched natural scenery, but the park also houses facilities for swimming, golf, and even sledding. Visitors even have the chance to stay in the park’s infamous lodge that is rumored to be haunted.

On the other end of the destination spectrum is the Laleure Vineyards. Here visitors can partake in high-quality wine, made from vinifera grapes grown on the property while enjoying the music carefully selected by the Vineyards’ staff to preserve the ambiance of the visit.

For the more adventurous hearts, the Alpine Valley Resort located in Mayfield, Chesterland presents a chance to get an adrenaline rush on the pristine snowy slopes offered by the ski resort each winter. The resort caters not only to highly experienced skiers but also offers lessons for newcomers to the sport ranging from children to adults.

A warmer and more nightlife-oriented reception can be found at the World Famous Iron House Saloon, a biker-friendly restaurant located in Burton, Ohio known for its delectable selection of barbeque, steak, and beer.

Etched from what was once the Connecticut Western Reserve, Geauga offers a rich blend of beautiful scenery, perfectly preserved historical sites, and vibrant communities that have enraptured countless visitors over the years and will continue to do so for years to come.

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