Chardon, Ohio

Chardon, Ohio is a town rich in unique culture and history, located in the northeastern part of Geauga County. Also located about ten miles south of Lake Erie, in northern Ohio, is the small city of Chardon. Due to its location, it is known as being the snowiest city in Ohio. It may be a relatively small town, but there is certainly no lack of things to see and do during your time here.

Although Chardon has a mere 5000 residents, the city is well known for its culture. The area has a vibrant performance community and is home to The Geauga Lyric Theater Guild where one can experience live theatrical productions or attend theater classes.

In the heart of Chardon is Chardon Square. Locals gather at the square for festivals and events. The square has a large selection of cuisine, shops, and services. The heart of Chardon’s culture is its maple industry, for which it is well known. Visitors and locals can experience the true culture of the city by attending the Geauga County Maple Festival, the oldest maple festival in the United States. This celebration of maple syrup begins on Tapping Sunday in March each year, when the sap is at the optimum defrosting temperature.

The city of Chardon is home to beautiful scenery and open landscapes.

For example, the Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve is ripe with paved trails, clear fishing spots, picnicking areas, and diverse wildlife to explore with friends and family alike. If you’re more of a hiker, you may enjoy visiting the Buckeye Trail. Just try not to wander too long, or you may find yourself hiking around the massive loop it makes through all of Ohio!

Also, home to an array of ecosystems, The Maple Highlands Trail stretches 21 miles across the county. When visiting, one can walk or cycle the trail, and horseback ride certain parts. Nature enthusiasts can also visit the Bass Lake Preserve, Big Creek Park, and Whitlam Woods.

If spending time walking and being with nature isn’t quite your speed, however, then the town square might be for you. It’s the perfect place to take a drive or walk and take in the sights of the town, especially if you like checking out some old architecture. There’s no lack of restaurants nearby as well, so you can stop and take a break to enjoy some good food after a long day. Maybe you can order some takeout and set up a picnic in Chardon Square? There are plenty of picnic tables to sit at if you forgot to bring a blanket. If you aren’t too tired after exploring, you can even take a dip and cool off at the Chardon Pool. Did you bring your skateboard with you? You can head over to the skatepark and spend some time with friends, and make some new ones, too! Or if that’s not your thing, there are volleyball, pickleball, and basketball courts to check out and have some fun in.

The local pool, volleyball court, skatepark, and playgrounds are just some of the family-friendly activities available. Places such as the Pioneer Waterland and Dry Fun Park or miniature golf at Chips Clubhouse are also favorites among locals. Those looking for something a bit more challenging can visit the Chardon Lakes Golf Course that winds through 120 acres of trees and ponds, near the heart of the city. With its many activities and district culture, Chardon truly is a wonderful place.

No matter what hobbies you enjoy, what niche you may fill, or what sights you like to see, you will find no lack of things to do or ways to have fun in Chardon, Ohio.

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