Be it for fishing or leisure, many people enjoy spending time on the water. While it’s possible to catch bass and pike year-round, some areas of the lake, such as Ontario and Erie, are more hospitable to boaters than others. Here, we will highlight some of the most popular and best fishing spots around the lake, and provide tips for anglers looking to get the most out of their trip. Just keep in mind that while boating is typically safe you never know what can happen out on the water therfore you should always make sure you have the proper marine insurance before heading out on for a day on the lake.


A Brief History of Lake Erie

Lake Erie was named in 1795 by Captain Thomas Hudspeth, an American explorer, writer, and trader who visited the area for the first time. At the time, the lake was completely frozen over, but Hudspeth and his men were able to sail all the way across the lake. The ice didn’t completely melt until around 1816, but even then, anglers were left without good fishing opportunities. Much like the name “Hudspeth,” there are a lot of things about the lake that aren’t what they used to be. For example, you might remember the Lunker Lakes of the 1990s. While there is no sign of these bodies of water any longer, it has largely been the loss of natural spawning areas that has led to fewer fish being caught.


The Best Spots on Lake Erie

This area offers one of the largest bodies of water in the world, so it’s easy to think that there’s always good fishing. Many people have made the trek to Canadian waters to fish for walleye and whitefish, but there’s still plenty of action on the American side of the lake, too. The great news is that this wide, shallow body of water is easy to navigate, so there’s no reason why boaters shouldn’t visit these areas on a regular basis. Like many large bodies of water, Lake Erie contains hundreds of waters of opportunity, and some of them are quite special. This has led to the emergence of hundreds of “bucket list” boating spots. The more you know, the more you can plan to get the most out of your trip.


The Best Fishing Spots in Lake Erie

Northeast Ohio The most popular fishing spots in Northeast Ohio, for good reason, are the Lake Erie shoreline. Fishing for a variety of species such as largemouth bass, walleye, and perch can be had on any of the East sides of the lake (and other places, for that matter). There are also a wide variety of locations that provide for an enjoyable and safe ride. There are a lot of facilities for boats, including marinas and boat ramps. Some of the most popular boat ramps in Ohio are located in Sandusky and Vermilion. Some of the popular ports of call include Catawba Island State Park, Vermilion, Put-in-Bay, and Port Clinton. Northeast Ohio Walleye Fishing There are a variety of different areas in Northeast Ohio that are most easily accessed and are ideal for fishing for walleye.


The Best Spots for a Beach Day

Stunning beaches make for amazing photo opportunities, and BeachBot measures the number of incoming boats at popular beaches. From Ontario to Indiana, here are some of the best beaches on Lake Erie: Mackinaw City: 90% Hammonton: 86% Bellevue: 85% Marilla: 85% Grand River: 81% Lake Milton: 80% Maple Grove: 77% Silver Lake: 70% Meadows: 69% The Most Popular Family Spots At a lake party, good times are always the main event. To keep family time healthy and fun, schedule a few hours of boat-free time each week.


Tips for Boaters

The weather in the fall is typically quite mild. August is typically the hottest month of the year, and as the water temperature cools, boaters will enjoy conditions that more closely approximate winter. The duration of daylight will lengthen and it will stay light longer. All this means that water temperatures will typically be mild, enabling anglers to enjoy fishing long into the evening. Anglers who enjoy fishing in the winter can look forward to the arrival of “mild fronts,” in which wind from the northwest will bring mild temperatures and more comfortable conditions. Rain will often accompany the fronts, giving anglers the opportunity to work the water after a brief dry period. With the mild weather comes the possibility of having to worry about biting fish.



Lake Erie is the world’s sixth-largest freshwater lake, and if you’re planning on having some fun with your significant other or friends, it’s not a bad idea to take a few hours to head out to the lake for some fishing. Here are some of the best spots on the lake for fishing, if you are in the area you can put the boat in the water at the Mentor Harbor Yacht Club.

For other Marinas with boat docks check out The Waterway Guide for Marinas and other services.

From Mentor Harbor Yachting Club, 5330 Coronada Dr, Mentor, OH 44060, follow Coronada Dr and Granada Dr to OH-283 E/Lakeshore Blvd, roughly 2 mile Drive from Center St to Mentor 3.7 miles and your destination Platinum Insurance 7200 Center St Suite 328, Mentor, OH 44060.